Ode to the Cellar Rat…

I said in an earlier post I would elaborate on my love for Cellar + Plate.  Well here it is…

I walked into the Cellar last Fall for a Thanksgiving wine pairing dinner.  WOW.  How do people eat without pairing it with wine?! I’ve been a regular ever since.

I was fortunate to become friends with the owners, Mary and Doug.  Wine lovers extraordinaire and genuinely great people.  Her passion for her work and the backstory that she came from spoke to me, and truly inspired a change within myself.  Mary, you truly are my hero.   More on that later…

Back to what makes Cellar so great-

The staff are all amazing.  Thank you Amanda for knowing what I would like before I even think I would like it.  Scott, AKA Tony Stark, you make for good company while listening to my drunk babble. Shout out to the entire BOH staff, you guys make some amazing food. Everyone loves being there. In all seriousness, these people will take care of you and truly know their trade.  Treat them well.

The events.  This is what got me hooked in the first place.  From creative food pairings,  pasta making, rosé and champagne tastings, drag show brunches and the greatest wine ice cream I have ever had. 

Wine Club!  How did I not know I needed this in my life and how did I go so long without it?!  Each month I receive something spectacular that I would not have ever picked out for myself.  Dave- you’re a wine genius.

Thank you M & D for welcoming me as a Cellar Rat



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