Italia, piccola!

Amalfi with the Sister from another Mister IMG_2457

Sometimes you get lucky and people fall into your lap.  I got lucky with my Sister from another Mister, Heidi.  I remember when we hired her at the real estate development company I was working for.  She was loud, had a hankering for cocktails, and had no filter.  Geezus, it was my soul sister.

Fast forward a few years later, two new jobs, and countless cheers in between.

2017 –  we discovered a beautiful little gem of a wine bar, and it’s amazing owners Mary and Doug.   Cellar + Plate.  (More about that place in a separate post) And then we discovered Si Italia! A chance to go to Italy with our favorite wine owners?!  It was a no-brainer. Lots of scouring travel sights, drinking Italian wine to get in the mood, and trying to learn Italian in the next 22 weeks,  Amalfi Coast in August baby.

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